Plotki is a magazine investigating the processes taking place in Central / Eastern Europe. Transition is a proper name for the changes which shook and shaped this region for centuries – not only since 1989 . Thus this month’s issue covers such areas as cultural, historical, political, social, economic, moral and material change of status, shape and form, movement in space and time, which also includes temporal and spacial antagonism, contradiction, comparison and interplay of (f)actors. Many contributions take a retrospective view, which also allow for envisaging the future development. Some historical pieces deal with the notions of Europe, ideology and propaganda. Articles analysing the present also account for the past which is often the source and explanation of present-day phenomena under consideration.

A broad range of themes referred to CEE and fSU region with comparative and analytical-descriptive approaches dealing with both state and process of Transit/ion along the following lines:

Empire – nation state / Totalitarianism – democracy / Planned economy – free market / The shifting role of state / Shift of political preferences and opinions of the electorate and elite / Elections – policies / Which way and to what extent do East and West change? / The way Europe is going / Flows of goods, people(s) and ideas within Europe and Eurasia / Progress – regress / Limits and pace of change / Wealth – poverty / Prosperity – decay / Elite – the rest / Mobility within social strata / Attainability of classical capitalism dreams.


Oleksandr Svyetlov 


Editor of “Transit/ion!”

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