Talking Crap

Picture a Mazurian village amidst smooth hills and luscious meadows. There are modest houses, some of them traditionally wooden-made with magnificent gardens and all are built along the single street of the village. The sky is wide and blue – unique quietude.

Traditional mazurian houses

Into the midst of this tranquil scene one house stands out; it looks as if it came from an alien planet. The roof rests on showy columns, dull conifers cover the garden. The whole estate is surrounded by an impressive fence, and even the inside of the house is protected with curtains against dangerous glances. This house is the unimaginative intruder in the heart of the village. A village that it dominates: a sleeping giant that is awakened only a few times a year when Its owners, rich Warsawians, wish to enjoy the idyllic nature.

However, there is one more way in which one can wake the slumberous monster.

Indeed, anytime the members of the neighbouring family wish to relieve themselves in their pit latrine located close to the fence of the fortress, the monster stirs. An absurd confrontation between the old and the new way of life is brought into the spotlight because the simple act of answering the ‘call of nature’ evokes panic in the fenced and shuttered house: the alarm system swings into action and warns the ‘intruder’ in its monotonic voice to leave the estate immediately, threatening them with the approaching police. As the whole village has been awakened on several nights the house has been given the loveable nickname “talking crap”.

Talking crap-house itself

Pictures by the author 

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