Jungle of signs

There are signs on toilet doors, which work across languages and cultures. Those of a male or female body shape or face, but what to do if you are standing in Poland in front of two doors: one with a circle and one with a triangle? Am I a circle or rather a triangle? I don’t know.

So I try to build a mental bridge, but I have to confess these bridges are complete with stupid stereotypes. In Poland we have the typical image of women being softly shaped, thus a circle and of men being edgy and therefore referred to as triangles. But crossing the border to Ukraine already gives you a new exercise. You have the choice between one triangle and another triangle standing on its head. But if you go back to the big bag of stereotypes you can easily combine the normal triangle with the shape of a skirt and the other triangle, standing on it’s head, looks like the muscular shoulders of well trained Ukrainian men. In Romania the case is easier again, because there the toilet doors are marked with male and female shoes*.

But what you can find behind all these doors – that’s a different story…

*Romanian women must have enourmous feet!

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