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Flushing Plotki issues based on abstract concepts firmly round the u-bend, we are proud to present the first in hopefully a long line of Plotki’s on household inanimate objects… yes ladies, gentlemen and sewer-rats we bring you TOILET. The idea which was born on a long Slovak train journey last year finally gets the attention it deserves: nine steaming hot offerings from the bowels of Central and Eastern Europe(ish).

Seeing a perfectly placed poo is the inspiration for Toiletology; but it’s the positioning of the toilet in Toi et Moi not that inside which strikes one in this wonderful sketches; Bianca distraught by big business and outsourcing asks us Whose Toilet Paper Is It?; whilst we are taken on a photographic journey through a Jungle of Signs trying to work out our gender in different parts of the bloc; unrealistic real estate prices lead to desperate measures in In God We Trust. All Others Must Pay Cash; but at least the toilets will survive unlike in Land of the Living Dead a disturbing passionate ode to a favourite bog; a house is caught Talking Crap in a Polish village; before Bob takes us Pissing on the Border; something which we need some sweet relief from, thankfully served up in the return of the Task of the Month.

If we get some proper funding then we will make a printed issue that you can enjoy whilst sitting on your thunder box, but for now we have to hope you’re not reading us using wi-fi and are rather reading us with passion, enjoyment and a love for all things connected with toilets.

Stephannie Endter and sinisterpenguin


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