Swimming in blood and electricity

Bloody Swimming Pool

Not all pools are filled with water. There is one filled with blood, human blood. Countess Elizabeth from Hungary lived in the 16th century. Her crimes are immense. Even though she was educated and knowledgeable, it cannot stop us saying that she was a demon or witch. After the death of her husband, she feared death and wanted to stay young forever. She began to believe that if she would bath in blood she would be young for eternity. Countess Elizabeth, killed around 650 girls. After she killed the girls, she would take a bath, and swim in their blood. Some believe that Count Dracula had a connection with her…

There are easier ways to stay young, like Cranach shows on a painting from 1546 (Der Jungbrunnen).

Electric Pool
In a nameless prison, something strange happened. We know about so many ways prisoners used to be executed, electric chair, shooting, lethal injection, but in this prison none of them was useful. The prisoners here, were taken to a big pool, filled with cold water. The guards forced the prisoners to take a swim in the pool. When all of the prisoners were in the pool, the executioner would push a button. The pool was linked with an electric cable that transported electricity into the water. All of the prisoners were killed by the electric shock.

The director of the prison commented “The pool is better than other execution methods. With the pool we can execute them all just with a simple push of a button, rather than using the electric chair one after another. The pool execution is fast, cheap and doesn’t hurt too much.”

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