It has already become a ritual. Each year. Each summer. I savour the first time I dare to dip my body into the cold cold water of a lake, the sea or a public swimming pool. And everytime I get the same surprising aha-effect, the feeling of total refreshment.

Take a swim

Do not be scared. Get your swimming suit and go swimming with PLOTKI [how to swim in Berlin], find out how plotki community imagines their favorite splish-splash [design your own swimming pool], go on a visit to Tirana’s open-air pool [aquarium for humans] or experience what happens once the water flies off forever
[swimming site, camp pool]. Learn about [the surprising history of the swimming suit], get hygienic by putting a plaster on your wart before swimming [parvarti the plaster collector] or – in case there is no pool nearby – follow the instructions on how to [beat the heat]. And if you ever wondered if pools can also be filled with fluid other than water, ask an insect [bernie the beetle] or take a horrifying swim […in blood and electricity].

Swimming through the web

Our Plotki author Gabrijela also took a very deep dive into the world wide web. Coming back to surface, she shares her rich catch [with best regards].

Answers to the PLOTKI riddle

Liebe Grüße,
Nadine Wojcik


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