The challenge of a small country

The first years of democracy gave the country only the chance to
observe and learn from its errors. The civil war that broke out in 1997
from the pyramidal companies which were enterprises based on banking
fraudulence and the thousands of refugees coming from Kosovo especially in 1999 not only did slow the process of development as a post-communist state with no experience in economical and political fields but it inverted the country’s stability and welfare.

The slow development of Albania in 17 years of democracy.

Apart from the factors mentioned above I need to emphasize that the
main reason Albania is not building a platform of development, moreover
following the EU conditions comes from a high corruptive system that
has enslaved the country and its people. The corruption stands at its
highest rankings in Europe as a disease which is hardly minimized. We
may say that this phenomenon has become a normal way of living among the Albanian citizens.

The bureaucracy and ignorance that holds the country has given to the
people the corruptive way of resolving their problems. Even with the
change of the government lately there is a lack of seriousity that
gives no hope to the people to work and live fairly.

One problem, if we may see it in the social aspect has its roots from
the communist past. The equalization of the classes not only equalized
the low and high classes, but forced the high society to develop in
inverse. So the low classes stayed where they were, they were given the
attention while the high and intellectual society lost its role model
and its ability to express the values it had in directing the country.
What happens now, is that the mentality of people coming from more
isolated rural areas has not adapted to the way of living in bigger

The political sphere has failed to give to Albanians a near future, it
has only created a darkle prospect. The motto of the corrupted society
today in Albania goes: “Steal as much as you can while we are in
transition. “ People tend to not trust in fairness, they try to play
the game everyone does.

The European standards that are held forth all the time by politicians
is just the optical illusion that covers the concrete position we are
in. Albania is too way far from the real steps of becoming a country of
European level. As long as the decentralization of the central power
has not happened, as long as the restitution of the properties has not
started, as long as the criminality has not decreased, as long as the
election processes are not damaged by the political influences and as
long… long… long….as long….as long goes how long?how long?how
long?how long?

It seems as the political sphere is trying to keep the Albanians blind
from the truth in order to deepen their roots of power, in this way the
Albanians believe there is no reason to complain about the situation
the country is. And when is too late to open the eyes, it is also too
late to remove the old political sphere. We may focus also analogically
in the Greek and Italian politics which is almost the same way of
transferring the power from father to son. The politics doesn’t give
other options as long as the society remains in its ignorant blindness
that brings no revolt in the soul of man, that brings no complain or
search for justice in this society that has suffered not only in the
communist past.

Albania needs a new platform, new politicians which have not been
taught with Marxist philosophy. The country needs a new spirit; it
needs to open itself from a European perspective in order to create
some confidence in its citizens that something is changing.. Although
there seems to be the strong cooperation of Albania with E.U. and
neighboring countries, I see only a distance that tends to grow more
and more by leaving the country isolated again. Nothing seems to be
sure, it’s only words that don’t promise a sustainable development.

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