Sustainability… Is what we have gone as soon as we have it?

I am standing in life today, with everything I need. Love, compassion, kindness, empathy, food, and many other things that aren’t even needed but that I enjoy… like cigarettes, beer, clothes, shelter, some money sometimes. And I also have friends, family, time to live, the ability to walk, breathe, smile, but  most of all I am able to sustain these things. Not consistently, but from moment to moment. As I see it, this is a miracle, for I have certainly spent times in my life without any of these treasures. I have been homeless too many times and I have almost died too many times, I have lost too many loved ones, I have sustained hurt and loss to many times. I consider simplicity the hardest thing to sustain! As you read this article wonder to yourself, what it is you really need, and contemplate how much we all sustain unimportant things and lose track of life’s most valuable and sacred gifts.

Our world started before big buildings, it started before cars, before fancy clothes, before computers. It started a long time ago…a very long time ago, when all there was, was creation. There was a time (even if you choose to ignore it) that was before us. And that time was hard but simple. Life kept going no matter what, and the world evolved. It sustained itself. It was and still is dedicated to survival. We should never think that we are the only thing or reason life is maintaining. This existence was not made for us to abuse, but it was given to us to rejoice in. It was the Creator’s dream to let us become baptized in demure, heavenly peace. We are only here by grace, and that grace cannot sustain our ignorance. We will eventually have all our gifts taken away from us one by one, if we do not learn to be well with what we have, not with what we want.
I am in love, and I don’t want to lose that. I want to sustain a relationship, and to me it seems easy to thank the Gods of love for presenting me with the chance to love, and it seems hard to continue the work needed to keep it flourishing in new beauty all the time. But when I think about this, I consider how many hard relationships came before mine; so many others had to pave the way. And it is not just love, it is shelter, it is life, it is anything we consider special, and it is all. Something or someone else sustained everything that we do before we ever considered taking these journeys. It was never easy for them: they had to die, fight, cry, build, bleed, learn, change and they had to do so very much. They labored in fields, they built pyramids, they loved only one for life, they wrote, they made our future with their bare hands, and sweat. We take this for granted all the time!

We have lost our ability to sustain respect, and ethic; we have lost tradition, and loyalty! We have lost why it is that we are here. We are not here to build more big bridges, or the world’s biggest computers. We are here to sustain relations, communication, heritage… And we are supposed to learn about why we are here, not learn why we don’t have enough here.

I ask you all to contemplate, how it would be to live again without electricity, without grocery stores, without automobiles, without medicine, without planes, without all these fancy things made by man to help us. Help us do what? Forget how to live SIMPLE. We are sustaining daily, the choice to abandon all truth. I do not want to join in this! I am trying daily to remember how to continue on with nothing! (which was something great, sometime ago! Remember that?) Take the time to let go of time, try to do new things that don’t need money, try to love without fighting, try to travel by moving! Become what does not need to be, but once was. Sustain the chance to take chances! Jump into cold water; make something as a gift with things you find instead of buying something. I am an open-minded man, but I do not consider evolution to involve the destruction of humanity.

I am still a little confused at why I am writing this article, because my thoughts on sustaining anything are abstract. Yet to me and to the ones before me, they were the most important things in life! I want to tell stories, I want to listen to stories, and I want to care…deeply, about everything. I want and need to sustain Creation. I want to become simple, I want to love all and only one, I want to grow a garden, I want to build a fire, I want to make love and music, I want to take walks into unknown places, I want to laugh about nothing, I want to gaze into the future and not see money or war, I would love for us to have a community once again, one where, we all take care of each other. Wouldn’t you enjoy this?

I have lost everything in my life a thousand times, and I am somehow still eternally grateful! I have sustained! I have lost it as soon as I had it but I have sustained. So let us all hope and pray that what we sustain, lasts forever! I will lose everything in life again: I am sure of that. But I will not lose the will to be… to be free, to be in love, to look for stars in the water, to depend on faith, to kiss the soft lips of my best friend, I will never lose the desire to continue on, even though it is so hard to sustain, and even though we lose many things as soon as we have them. I refuse and so might you, to let go of what is ours! All birds fly and all birds land, until they fly so high, that they need nothing. Then they rest with the angels, playing and laughing, along with all the others waiting for us! Waiting in a place that will always become new! So carry you heart in hope, and sustain!






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