Living sustainably is related to safety, iciency and environmental matters. It is a continual process, characterized by flexibility, willingness to try new ideas, creativity, collaboration, and celebration of successes.

Sustainable – development, agriculture, energy, procurement, production and consumption, tourism, living, transport, performance, coffee….If you have ever questioned yourself why current development is sustainable or not, and how is it possible  (if) to overcome barriers to achieving sustainable development, than PLOTKI offers you the perfect occasion to look for your thoughts, doubts, convictions, resentments, approvals related to what is/is not/should/shouldn’t be SUSTAINABLE in this world.

You can start with a scientific overview of the concept itself: definitions, theoretical frameworks, approaches, problems and solutions for a sustainable development (Climate Change – a Sustainable Development Problem by Gina Negrea). An in depth analysis of educational projects in Turkey meant at raising awareness on sustainable development among youngsters (Environment Education Projects for Sustainable Development in Turkey by Enver Kolukisa) complete this scientific and political approach on sustainability.

Living sustainably means protecting the resources and systems that support us today so that they will be available to future generations. In short, it means preserving our civilization and the things we hold dear in perpetuity while enhancing our quality of life.

We live today in a society that is not living sustainably. Beautiful beaches mean little if you cannot afford to get there. A good job doesn’t mean much if you have to worry about your safety on the walk home. A safe, friendly neighborhood isn’t a haven if its air is not breathable.

Charlton Maco invites you to contemplate how it would be to live again without electricity, without grocery stores, without automobiles, without medicine, without planes, without all the fancy things made by man to help us; to take the time to let go of time, to do things that don’t need money, to love without fighting, to travel by moving! (Sustainability… Is what we have, gone as soon as we have it? by Charlton Maco).

You can then go deeper into the abstractness of the concept… ‘Sustainability’ might then become for you the last hope for humankind’s survival, a last refuge for your life, mind and soul or, on the contrary, you might suddenly find it to be an utopist idea and become aware of the splendid impossibility of anything being sustainable (Splendid Impossibilities by Eszter Fekete). The dialogue of the couple sitting in a café in the capital city of the Republic of Balayagrevo-Moguschia (Dialogue by Jesko Schmoller) will take you to another dimension, up to the sky, among angels and devils, where you will discover Heaven and Hell…and then Darkness.

We joyfully invite all of you to explore in depth this new issue of Plotki and to take full advantage of it. You might not find any revolutionary idea in here, but you will find thoughts, emotions, dreams and wishes for the future and you might find yourself stronger and better prepared to confront humanity’s “biggest challenge in this new century”, as Kofi Annan defined it, the challenge of “taking an idea and turning it into a reality for all the world’s
people.” Maybe you, or us, or our generation, will be the ones that will turn SUSTAINABLE LIVING into a reality for all the world’s people.

On behalf of the Plotki Editorial Team,

Irina Dragan, Bucharest

Sustainably yours.


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