Task of the Month – record your Streetsound

Recording your street is probably a great adventure, but of course the most difficult is finding a contribution that strikes you.

We challenged you and we were overwhelmed by your eagerness.
Inspirational but modest, our winner Jarek was guided throughout his whole life to this almost unbearable moment of glory.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we can see you sitting comfortably in the sun on Snakes Island (Ukraine), on-line with a stolen wi-fi connection from Romania and we can all hear that the Plotki bells are ringing:

We will cherish it like the Holy Elvis Trousers (the winner will of course have the whole kuoertoes kolacs). Please close your eyes and stop oiling your back while you’re listening to:

Berlin, Rosenthaler Platz

Press the Play-button to hear it!
The location where the sound was recorded is the Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin:
[osm_map lat=”52.53″ long=”13.401″ zoom=”17″ width=”420″ height=”400″ marker=”52.53,13.401″ marker_name=”marker_blue.png” theme=”dark” type=”Mapnik”]


Text by the Novac, sound and pictures by Jarek Sierpinski

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