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Walking through a city with a camera, even on a rainy day, in search of everyday moments may seem an occupation as useful as eating sunflower seeds (famous Romanian national sport) and probably is so. Both are activities practiced in public spaces, that require time, patience and some technical knowledge. Even thought at first sight it probably looks easier to crack open the shell of a seed and separate it from its fine tasting content, only using your teeth, than handling a camera, I can assure everybody that it isn’t. You just generally start cracking at an earlier time during your lifetime, and if you don’t, you tend to eat the entire seeds (they can also be pumpkin seeds) and complain afterwards about stomach-ache. The output of these two actions usually is black and white and with some imagination you can call both art. The first one gives nice abstract pictures on grey concrete and the other one images of usual actions and situations, that hopefully won’t negatively affect anybodies tummy.”

RO-Sibiu – Parcul Cetatii (Citadel Park)


PL-Warsaw – Palac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science)


RO-Sibiu – Piata Mare (Large Square)


CH-Bern – Kramgasse


PL-Warsaw – Lazienkowski Park


RO-Brasov – Graveyard


PL-Gdansk – Shipyard


RO-Sibiu – Courtyard

Text and photos by Christian Binder

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