Eco system of your city, natural rhythm of your home street, color, shape, words, people, events, feelings, smiles, noises…is it an endless story? Does it tell also something about nowadays human nature?

In this months issue we gathered shaped atmosphere (Photographers eye by Christian Binder and Welcome to Sarajevo, Europe by Gérald Assouline); street action (Action in Gdansk by an unknown soldier, Eastern Europe); street art (Spotting Graffiti by Assen Ivanov) colors (All the colors of the city by Misha Puska); sounds (Task of the month-record your street by the Novac and Jarek Sierpinski); symbols (Brave new world by Vladimir Ivanov)…

You may find here also reflections concerning the nature of the city itself (Dypthics. Stalking the city and Cars, cars, cars…  By Luis Belmonte Diaz). Jesko Schmoller wrote: “Street Life” means in my story to live in the streets, to not have a home of one’s own, so we can’t go without peoples and their histories, as they are actually the main and integral part of street life (The rejection by Jesko Schmoller and The official nicest street in the world ever 2007 © by Sinisterpenguin).

Walk through the streets of Plotki city, go into its alleys and find the mystery of this place.

Paulina Jędrzejewska

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