Dypthics. Stalking the city


Why this photos? I don´t have a clear answer for this. They are part of the output produced while wandering about in the city. They are something more instinctive than reflexive:

First, following randomly some people from the city, in different districts, what is just an option to know what people do in the city, how do they live it. Secondly, isolating some urban element. Finally, combining the mentioned elements into a dypthic, not aiming any meaning, just to see what comes out of these combinations.

I don´t know anything about the city, just keep on wandering about with my camera taking pictures. If you have any kind of idea about the city after seeing these images it will be your own idea as I didn´t try to make any description or convey anything about it with my pictures.

Text and pictures by Luis Belmonte Diaz

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