All the colours of the city

Finnish boy went to Warsaw to take pictures and fell in love with dark grey colors of the city. Colors which are so different than in Finland. First time was confusing experience with all those colorful advertises, grey buildings, balconies, doorways and inner courtyards. At the same time I realized that my image of Poland was wrong. Same trends, brands are everywhere and huge shopping malls give image of modern European country, not a shabby Eastern Europe one. Although I don’t have anything to compare it with, cause my previous trips to take pictures have been in Norway’s clean mountains. Now in August when I made my second trip to Poland I didn’t take that many pictures than in June. I got used to this city and this first time ecstasy was gone. Now what affected me the most was Phillips old factory with graffiti’s and old paint peeling of the walls. I would like to know other similar places in Poland, cause in Finland those buildings are demolished to give space for new ones.













Text and pictures by Misha Puska

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