ojcze nasz – który jestes w niebie

Our father, who art in heaven

„A national hero in his native Poland, he helped topple Communists who enslaved millions. With characteristic courage, he confronted the church’s history of anti-Semitism. He challenged the world’s leaders on war, poverty, the sacredness of all life and the protection of the
environment. For all these reasons, he had mass appeal. (…) There was a touch of the poet in the Holy Father; even unbelievers respected him. Pope John Paul was a pop star, more popular than Bono, his funeral bigger than Princess Diana’s. The values he lived so tellingly in his life challenge all of us. His achievements are historic, his legacy enduring. (…)” (James Kelly, “Poet, pop star, hero”, New York Daily News, April 9, 2005).

A photographic exploration of the Polish homage to the pope – pictures taken in Poland in April 2005.





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