S neba padaju dvije zvjezdice,
jedna za mene, druga za tebe …

(“two little stars are falling down from heaven,
one for you, one for me …”)

– from the song “Dvije zvijezdice” (“Two stars”) by Marylin Monroe Look-alike and former Yugoslav Eurovision Song Contest representative Tajci

High above, right in front or deep down below – some are rising, some are falling. They are bright, twinkling in the light and shining in the dark. This online issue is dedicated to STARS. Movie stars, music stars, literature stars. Pop, religious and soccer stars.The moon, the stars, galaxies and star wars.

We start with a photographic contribution dedicated to Pope-Star Johannes Paul II – OJCZE NASZ – KTÒRY JESTES W NIEBIE. We reconsider staredom, religion and cactuses – Beliefs and Statements. We reach for our personal stars in Sehnsucht nach den Sternen? / Homesick for something. We re-view RED STAR Belgrade and the twilight of Yugoslav soccer. We investigate the pop-rock-band Rammstein as German cultural ambassadors in Russia – Beliefs and StatementsPunctual, hard-working dwarfs. We rock the house and become music stars – AHMED MA HLAD– and turn Robin Hood into a Plotterling – iozone. We hit the road with our friends, the rolling shortfilm festival Moviemiento! and present our own dada-inspired movie experiment – Human Maraca . Turning from metaphorical to physical stars, we wonder in Mrs. BLUEBIRD and the STAR where some stars actually come from. We explore galactical stars, planets and scientists and signs of extraterrestrian life. And finally,

[…Plotki ‘n Art…]

we feature Csaba Szentesi, painter from Hungary, as artist of the month – and wish him to become an art scene’s rising star. For suggestions on other aspiring artists and future stars that would enjoy being promoted on Plotki please contact us info(at)plotki.net.

So long, we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun. As John Lennon said: Lets all shine on!

Plotki Online

The * Next Plotki Online * issue is coming out in November. Next topic: Places of collective memory . Feel free to contribute! info(at)plotki.net

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