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This month’s Plotki brings to you a fine collection of rumours about the shiniest icons and symbols of the former USSR. There are many things in the Soviet culture that became kitsch. While many people (not only in the West) are crazy about “matryoshkas”, “samovars” and CCCP T-shirts, Soviet culture still hides many sophisticated bits and pieces, hidden for the non-Soviet world. We tried to collect some exciting Soviet legends to enrich an often standard picture of what we call now the Soviet past.
The [New Life Of Soviet Icons]  explains the idea of Soviet icons and their modern representation in our daily life. Climb into the cool trashy Soviet car called [Zaporozhets] to feel the real spirit of speed. Learn more about the iconic Soviet trendsetter of the socialist economic system in [Stahanov – celebrity of Soviet working class]. When it’s time for a coffee break, then it’s time for the tasty Soviet condensed milk [Zgushyonka – a delicious Soviet heritage]! Afterwards we are getting back with another more serious article [Stirlitz – the Soviet James Bond] about the high-class USSR’s superspy. Lviv ladies have prepared a music break: Some heroes always survive. Having been a star in the USSR may be a good start for the neverending all-Russia tour, as we can learn  from [Iosif Kobzon: Life after Life]. Learn more about the prettiest creature on the Soviet planet with the big ears and warm heart in [Chebourashka – the kindest Soviet Icon].  Yet we can’t bring this collection to an end without a story about the funny Soviet money man in [Ostap Bender – The Greatest Swindler].
While many people in the West still can discover a lot about Soviet all day live and its personal heroes, some people in the former Soviet space are still struggling with their cultural heritage by embracing it without criticism or distance. We hope you are entertained by this months’ Plotki issue, no matter which side of the Iron Curtain your favourite cartoon character / toy / singer comes from.
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Natalia and Damien
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