A winter souvenir

This January people suddenly started to talk about the change in climate.
“Something’s wrong“, they were saying.  Sometimes I had the feeling that waiting for snow in January brings people closer to each other. We met at a common point – we all new that there was something missing. Nobody forgot that winter is a time for snow.

I started to ask my friends about their childhood snow memories. And I got a collection with poems of falling cotton, stories of dangerous adventures on bursting ice, snowmen who came alive and expeditions to the top of snowy mountains.

At the flea market I started my second snow collection. Now I bought all the old postcards which show snow-covered landscapes and glaciers. I keep them as souvenirs.

And then, on the night to the 22nd of January, it finally arrived. The winter stepped in for a short visit. The feeling in the morning after waking up was the same as during my childhood… the calm and light whilst staring out of the window and the scratchy sound of first snow shovels reverberating up from the court yards below….




All text, pictures and illustrations by Carolina Singeisen

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