This summer some Plotkisty had an extraordinary time. As partner organization of the international project “Moving Baltic Sea” we sailed from Rostock all the way to St. Petersburg, stopping in Gdansk, Kaliningrad, Riga and Narva-Joesuu. The film and environmental project “Moving Baltic Sea” organized, at each stop, a four day festival in order to raise awareness of the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea and to bridge the gap between arts, film and the environment.

And Plotki was on board! As part of the project our aim was to create a transnational magazine titled “Stories from the Seaside” – a personal and curious look from the eyes of the authors, photographers and illustrators from all over the Baltic Sea region.

The following online issue presents a selection of the texts and photo essays of our almost two months journey.

Another Sea – Deniss Jershov dives into the history of the Baltic Sea.

Winter on Kishu – a photo essay of the famous Estonian island.

Baltic Sea Utopia – a different view on history, what to do with a Superlative Nazi Spa left on the Beach?

Stocznia – a photo essay of the historic shipyard in Gdansk.

Freedom to think for yourself – how a whole university had to move from Minsk to Vilnus.

Cod Complexities – an indept research about the beloved Baltic Sea fish.

La Mer – a photo essay that shows that the Sea has many faces.

My Sea, Male or Female? – portraits of two people who dedicated their life to the sea.

Sunny Day – a photo essay about Polish beach life.

The Last Resort – an ethnographic research of families from St. Petersburg and their summer houses in the Estonian Beach resort Narva-Joesuu.

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