“Passports” – e mail exhibition


This exhibition features a selection of passports issued in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States, between the late nineteenth century and the nineteen thirties.

Each item can be found, and is accessible to the public, in Record Group #126 at the YIVO Archives, New York*

1. Issued in Poland, 1920s

2. Issued in Austro-Hungary, late 19th century.


3. Issued in Russia, 1903. Last used in 1918.

4. Issued in New York, 1920.

5. Issued in Poland, 1921.

6. Issued at the Russian Consulate in Bucharest, 1922.

7. Issued in Vienna, February 1939.

8. Issued in German-occupied Bialystok, Poland, World War I.



9. Issued in Poland, under Russian authority, 1898.

*Note: Some names have been intentionally obscured.

The email-exhibition is reproduced by the consent of Jesse Aaron Cohen. Please do not reproduce the pictures on your website or in print without his consent.  

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