The holiday month August brings you rumours about man’s most travelled document: the PASSPORT. This little booklet -subject to identity, surveillance and mobility- provides a system of managing the movement and activities of people around the world, embracing some individuals, excluding others. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most precious PASSPORT of them all?

Leave your beach, garden, balcony or wherever you are spending your holidays and join our expedition into the soul of passports! Let our guides light you the way:

The [“Passports” – email exhibition] takes us back in time to be amused by various passports from the 19th and 20th centuries. After this time travel trip, join the [Chicken Traveller] Nihal in her strenuous quest of fighting consulates, border guards and identity crises to obtain her visa. What is it to be [UN-WANTED] – Mascha gives an account of the ‘segregation’ of young Serbians through the EU visa policy. But Sanja’s [Passport Blues] is there to cheer us up. Then with Ira we enter the world of Afro Hesse – a rapper and a [Sans Papier], while with Heli we can experience the [Unbearable Lightness of Having a Passport] that Finns have. After tasting [Oil and Vinegar: an American in post-Soviet Ukraine] with Orysia, Captain Hook leads us among pirates and passport conspiracies in [Growing Pains and Pirate’s Issues]. But what can you do if you are a Ukrainian and face the visa issuing ‘committee’ – say [A Prayer for Visa] with Olenka. After this nothing else is left, but to set out to the East with sinisterpenguin, humming the biggest hit of the block on the way to [Residency Transnistria].

Enjoy your tour through our ‘sites’…. and don’t forget to take your passport!

Ira Hadžić and Alexandra Szőke


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