imosten II


A childhood between Eastern Prussia and Lithuania
Erika Bialowons

When my mother was still alive, she often told me stories about her childhood in Tilsit and Memelland. On my journey through Lithuania I aimed to rediscover the fairytale atmosphere that her stories evoked in me as well as the picture my aunts in Germany were drawing when they told me about the time at the river Memel.



The nuclear power plant in Lithuania
Ole Kloss

In the east of Lithuania there is one of the biggest nuclear power plants on earth. Since Lithuania aims to join the European Union, one of the condition for joining is to switch off “Ignalina”. An ambivalent demand, because on the one had is the plant a threat to the whole of North Europe, but on the other hand it produces 80% of the Lithuanian electricity.


“Are you a real frog?” “Of course I am,
can´t you see that. No metaphor.”

A photostory by Linn Schröder

The photographs are based on the texts by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. These texts have absorbed me. My pictures build a parallel sphere to the world Murakami created by words. There are no direct illustrations, but equivalents.


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