Koń – jaki jest, każdy widzi.

Phenomena such as bar mleczny, Polish dwarfs selling rubber figures in Zagreb and cãcãnar rarely make it into encyclopedias. These are the items of the Plotki Encyclopedia. It roughly covers the area of central Europe. However, the Plotki region we are interested in does not have very clear geographical borders. The region can be characterized by its trains, the smell of cabbage, failed projects and unexpected connections between places or things in this or that country.

Check out Plotki Encyclopedia (it pays to check it regularly….the alphabet is not complete yet….)

Please note: The Encyclopedia project is brand new and far from being completed yet….there will be many more items to come. Feel free to make your own contribution!

And here some goodies that will make you want more:

Bar mleczny

Polish, literally “milk bar”; pron. [bar mlechny].

1. A traditional Polish fast food. A large variety of dishes are offered such as pierogi, bigos, barszcz or surówki. Prices are low due to state subsidies. The most renowned b. m. in Warsaw is “Szwajcarski” (Swiss) on Nowy Świat not far from the palm tree; next to Warsaw University there is “Uniwersytecki”, nicknamed “karaluch” (cockroach).

2. A social and cultural institution. Old people, homeless, students and some not yet successful businessmen attend b.m. The decoration, pots and female cooks have not changed since the 1980s. Some tourists think that by entering a b.m. they are coming close to the essence of Polish culture.

3. A potential international food chain. Outside of Poland a b.m. can be found in New York City. As part of the season of Polish culture in France in 2004, a whole b.m. will be transferred to Lille from 7 to 9 May.


Russian, Bulgarian; literally “Euro-reconstruction”.

This is how the whole Eastern Europe calls a renovation of an apartment, that is done nicely. You can buy books called “Evroremont” where every detail is described so that you will certainly have a European apartment. You may also find the term “Evro-shic-remont” while searching for an apartment.


1. A dance club in Leipzig.
2. An Internet café in Făgăraš.
3. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military club of Western states many Eastern European states once were or still are very eager to gain membership of.



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