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dreams vs real politics

If you try to explain Polish cooperation with USA in Iraq, our propaganda says: “we understand the large value of an alliance”. Poland has to send its troops to Iraq, because America is our ally. When the most important ally of Poland was the France of Napoleon, Polish soldiers fought for Polish freedom pacifying the uprising of slaves in Haiti. This romantic idea of duty is more important than legal solutions. We were not obliged to help the USA. No paragraph of the North Atlantic treaty forces us to defend America from the virtual danger of Saddam Hussain. But we understand the value of friendship.

We understand it much, much better, than our other recent and former allies do. For example, France. It betrayed USA in Iraq, as it had betrayed us in 1939. France and the UK were in an alliance with us, but they did nothing after the German invasion of our country. What a shame! The same happened at the end of 18th century, when Poland was divided by the neighbouring countries.

Nobody helped us!

History is full of traitors to Poland. Look at France in Versailles, Great Britain in Yalta, Vatican during Polish uprising against Tsar of Russia… Oh, and don’t forget Russia and Germany! Their main goal was to destroy Poland! Even now! We are entering EU and what do we have at the beginning? French-German conspiracy to reduce our voting power!

Illustration: Jan Köster

Illustration: Jan Köster

It is not surprising at all that we are seeking a best friend far from this band of traitors. America! In America we trust, because it has never betrayed us. And it is no surprise, that we can do anything for America, because we don’t want to be like our “friends”, who help us only, when they smell business. We are even proud, that it is not our economy to help America. Real friendship has nothing to do with business!

But, on the other hand, business is business! We got to know this during the last visit of our president in USA. We wanted the States to abolish the requirement of visas for us. We wanted them to give us some contracts in Iraq. We helped them disinterestedly, but… know they could help us disinterestedly too. No, they couldn’t. Visas and contracts cannot be redress our friendship, for our troops in Babilon, for being American Trojan horse in EU. Because visas and contracts are subjects of politics and business, and not the subject of a romantic friendship, which we have been dreaming about.

The real friend

But, even after USA have joined the malicious gang, we still have a real friend. The last, but loyal one. Turkey. The only country which never accepted the partitions of Poland. Disinterestedly! We shouldn’t forget this sign of friendship! And – if Turkey joins the EU (and France and Germany treacherously manage to pass a European Constitution with a perfidiously proportional counting of votes), our only real friend – with its 65 million of inhabitants – will be the second power in Europe. And than we will show our traitors who the real winner is.


But than, what if Turkey betrays us by not accepting our demand for Christianity in the European constitution?


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