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Never Ending Poetry


And now we get even more. Those pesky Czech’s have pointed out that we forgot to include their dogs in our never ending collection of never ending dog poetry. So here we go:

Pes jitrničku sežral
docela maličkou
chytil ho přitom řezník
praštil ho paličkou
plakali všichni psové
a kopali mu hrob
a na desce mramorové
byl nápis těchto slov:
“pes jitrničku sežral…”


Those dogs just keep on coming…. we now have the poem in Russian. Thanks to Alexsandra in Lithuania.

U popa byla sobaka
On jeje liubil
Ona sjela kusok miasa,
On jeje ubil,
V zemliu zakopal,
Nadpis’ napisal:
“U popa byla sobaka,
On jeje liubil” etc etc

And in English it means the following:
A priest once had a dog
And he loved him
The dog ate a piece of meat
So he killed him
Buried him in the ground
And wrote a notice:
“A priest once had a dog” etc etc


Thanks, thanks again and triple thanks to everyone who entered last months task. You brought us poetry from all over Europe. There were some great original entries: some made us laugh, some made us cry and some made want to rewatch David Bowie‘s finest moments in the Labyrinth. They all made us happy.

There seemed to be a strange Europe-wide Dog Obsession however and so we decided to bring you a poem which was submitted more times than the Baltic states have redrawn their maps.

In Croatian:                        

(thanks to Jaka and Gabe)

I bio jedan pas
I ukrao je kost
I doš’o je mesar
I odrezao mu nos
I skupili se psi
Iskopali mu grob
Na kojemu je pisalo:
‘I bio jedan pas
I ukrao je kost…’

(i tako dalje…)

In German:                       

(thanks to Steph and Felix)

ein mops ging in die küche
und stahl dem koch ein ei,
da nahm der koch nen löffel
und schlug den mops entzwei,
da kamen viele möpse
und gruben ihm ein grab
und setzten drauf nen grabstein
worauf geschrieben ward:

ein mops ging in die küche…

How much is that doggy in the window? Woof  Woof

In Albanian:   

(thanks to Besard and Macedonia)

që vodhi një kockë.
N’atë moment erdhi kasapi
dhe i preu hundën.
Qent’ e tjerë u grumbulluan
dhe i hapën një varr,
mbi të cilin shkruhet:
‘Na ishte një qen
që vodhi një kockë…’

The Romanian version:    

(thanks to Crusty and Soap)

‘A fost odata un caine
Care a furat un os
Apoi a aparut macelarul
Care I-a taiat nasul
Ceilalti caini s-au reunit
Si I-au sapat un mormant
Pe care era scris
“A fost odata un caine
Care a furat un os…’

In Polish:

(thanks to Paulina and Jersy Dudek)

Raz był sobie pies,
Który ukradł kość
I przyszedł rzeźnik
I odciął mu nos
Zebrały się  psy
By kopać mu grób
Na którym stało:
“Raz był sobie pies
Który ukradł kość…”

Is Doggy Heaven the same place as Human Heaven? (nb Human Heaven is copywrite of the God Corperation all rights reserved)

And finally in English
(in which it doesn’t actually exist):                       

(thanks to The Queen and 007)

There was a dog
Who stole a bone
Then came the butcherman
And chopped off his nose
Other dogs gathered
Dug him a grave
On which it said:
‘There was a dog
Who stole a bone…’

(and so on…)

Do you know of this poem in any more languages? If so e-mail sinisterpenguin(at)plotki.net

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