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The Plotki Quiz offers you the opportunity to test your knowledge… you might even learn something.

If you think you know the right answer for one or more of the questions, then send it in an email along with your name and postal address by the 29th of July 2006 to contact(at)

!The prize! One of the 1.000 fabulous Travelling Photoalbums*.

Illustrations by Hanna Zeckau


Send us your answers (to at least one of the questions) and get a Travelling Photoalbum in your letterbox.
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I   You undoubtly heard about the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. But in which city is the monument of the Orange actually placed? The monument was erected half a year before the revolution and was financed by the local trading companies for tropical fruits.

II  “Lithuania, my fatherland” – Which very famous Polish book starts with these words? If you don´t remember it – check out a well-equipped vodka shelf for answers!

III   The term we are looking for now, depicts a typical way to renovate your apartment in a European style – or more precisely what some people in some Eastern European countries consider what an apartment with western European standards should look like. Possible features include tiled wallpaper, fake fire places and marble painted frames.

IV   Where lies Kakanien?

V   In Croatia they say Galeb, in Poland Maxi Kaz, Papagal is the name in Romania, and in Kakanien they were called Kurschatten. What is it all about?

VI   Which well-known brand is described by the following phrases:

A group of cross border enthusiast; a community of self-made journalists, artists and Novac with its own language, settled mostly in Central and Eastern Europe; a journalistic travel agency.

(An ultimate hint, needless to say, is that the term you are looking for is also the translation of “rumours” into the Polish language.)

VII   We want to give those of you, who don´t have any knowledge at all about Central-Eastern Europe a chance as well: What is red and comes on a regular basis? (Almost a global phenomenon)

The correct answers will be published in the August issue of the online rumours.

*Traveling Photoalbums


Bewegte Bilder is event of the initiative-moe, a network of more than 30 Central- Eastern European Initiatives which are dedicating their voluntary work to foster civil society and support a culture of open discussions and intercultural dialogue. On July the 29th 1.000 travelling photoalbums will be sent off in all directions during various kick-off events all over Central Eastern Europe.

Those of you lucky enough to get one of the albums in their hands can stick a photo into it and hand it on to another person who will in turn stick a photo into it and hand it over to anopther person, who will stick a photo into it and…. Finally, the filled albums will be sent back to initiative-moe in Berlin and will be shown as part of a travelling exhibition.

If you want to find out more about your prize refer to: /

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