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In June a new English website on international migration in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe was made available at www.migrationonline.cz.
The project migrationonline of the Multicultural Center Prague has been running for almost two years and meanwhile has established itself as a Czech major online source of migration news, analyses, research and legislature related to migrants.

Migration of sheep in Moldova. Picture: Roman Zebro Pekar

Migration of sheep in Moldova. Picture: Roman Zebro Pekar

The foundation of the website should be understood in the context of growing importance of the issue of migration in the Czech Republic. At the end of 2003 there were about 2,4 per cent of foreigners in the Czech Republic officially.
This is a substantial number of (im)migrants when compared with other countries of Central and Eastern Europe such as Hungary and Poland. Also in the Czech Republic there has been a pilot program of active immigration of skilled foreigners from selected countries.

For the moment the English website consists mainly of translations of the contents of the Czech website. The team of migrationonline.cz is, however, planning to make it an original website with articles and other resources from the Central and Eastern European migration subsystem. This would include such countries as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, etc. We are looking for experts, researchers, doctoral students and NGO practitioners from these countries who would like to cooperate with us.

For more information, please, write to Marek Canek mise(at)mkc.cz.

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