Don’t worry Mom, I’m fine

Sultan is 31 years old. He comes from Chechnya and has been living in Berlin as an asylum seeker for three years now. Three photostories show his own view on his new life. The several pictures were made during the last few years.

Europe is different

Pictures: Sultan

Berlin seems to Chechyans like a different planet. I wonder, if it’s possible, to go up there? Timur, Scharpudin und Magomed at Alexanderplatz.

Meeting point Alexanderplatz

I’m content with the BVG (Berlin Public Transport).

Man, I’m so cool with my cellphone.

Dear mommy, don’t worry, we’re fine (see enclosed picture).

Sorry, where are the „German lessons“ video tapes?

I love Germany…

…also Timur loves Deutschland…

…or used to love it…

… now he was sent back to Ingushetia.

Small steps

What do you want, little boy? – I am not a little boy. My name is Islam. I’m living in a asylum seekers‘ hostel in Kaulsdorf-Nord.

We are Islam und Saurbek. We are brothers.

That’s our uncle. I took picture myself, says Saurbek.

We think the underground is cool.

Yeah! We got our own flat. Sultan’s friends help us moving our stuff: Abu Bakar, Bekhan and the fox in the transporter.

Mama and us in our new district: Wedding.

In the new flat. Our grandma from Poland came to visit us.

Guys, get off at the next station! – Wait a second, I still got to write this SMS.

Men on its own

I have two hands, but no work. And also no work permit.

Don’t worry, Ramsan. Everything’s gonna be alright, says Abu Bakar.

We stick together, like a soccer team!

Penalty kick, and…saved! Sports field in Wedding.

Strong men is looking for a wife…

If you want to have a future in Germany, you have to learn german, says the Turkish man.

Aslan, Hamdul and Ali after friday’s prayer

Sweet Ayset, breaking every man’s heart.

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