Either you’re in or you’re out. A club defines by excluding. Clothes, hair styles, a little almost invisible bottom on the jacket: Symbols and Signs mark the conscious exclusion of the club members to the rest of the society.

Togetherness. You are not alone. It is not individualism that counts, but the group, a common identity, the visible differentiation to the others.

PLOTKI – the club. No worries: We do not wear funny hats or have a freaky hair do. Plotki – an open network. There is no Plotki limit: the more members – the better.

This month our rumours went clubbing: Schützenvereine in Germany, Citroen lovers in Croatia, Turkish sport clubs in Berlin, nostalgic collectors of very usual daily things of Romanian communism – hobby, identity or political statement? Join the PLOTKI club tour from around the bloc.
Also read about the election campaigns in Ukraine and Romania and find out which film won the Plotki award at the Cottbus Filmfestival.

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