“Brussels. 2 am. Lambada. That’s it. Lost and Found. We don’t need more.
That’s our contribution… I get myself a drink. Do you want one as well?”

Man, are you listening?
– No, but go on.

Do you remember this film?
– Trabant.
– Wartburg. Audi. What is your favourite?

Yes, Audi is the best.
– BMW.
But you said Audi.
– Du hast aber wirklich Recht.
Ja, ich habe Recht. Aber es scheint schwierig.
– Ja, wir müssen Deutsch lernen. Du sprichst gut Deutsch.

In Belgium they still play „You are desire“
– This song we heard at the train station.
What’s wrong with the train station? They transport people to their children.

I tell you the story: I arrived at the airport and had an idea…
– What idea?
An ID!!

What’s wrong with you? It’s a sad story and you laugh!
– You just make up this story!
That man is insane.
– What’s with me??

Listen, you didn’t listen to my story. Do you want a summary?

Leaving the frites shop:
We should be the last ones.
– Yes, we should be polite. We should show Balkan manners.
They always open the doors for the women.
– Yes, we should be the last ones.

I am very hangry?
– Hungry? Or angry?




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