Therefore, some have found themselves in the vacuum of summer landscapes, full of sizzling-hot burnt bodies, recharging their batteries in order to survive the next winter. As cold and gloomy as it might come. God bless them! As probably they are the ones to shine on us some of the summer even in the middle of an apocalyptical February.

Some others have probably got lost in the middle of unmeasurably exciting trips touching the borders of widely accepted ways of contemporary European ways of living. The thirst of understanding has banned the consciousness to fall alseep even when it’s 40 degrees outside! Wow.

The vacuum of sun heated August has absorbed the third part of people in a way that has left no trace of them whatsoever. The fact isn’t scary at all if you just think what historical lessons we all could learn from that. Lesson number one – it is pleasant to get lost. Lesson number two – sometimes it is even necessary to disappear and leave no tracks. Lesson number three – we will all get lost and found in one way or the other sooner or later!

The August issue of Plotki “Lost and Found” welcomes you all and rejoices you with some good stories from around the block as always!

Anna Bas Backer’s drawings are taking us to Kosovo and Sarajevo. It is enriching to see what is the result of having sensitive observing eyes and replacing the usual photocamera with a pen and a paper to catch the essentially meaningful moments. The world of lost people and their fight for their personal freedom is explored by Simina Guga. Two stories reveal two worlds – leading your life as a vagabund or making your way through the socially implied restrictions on your movement.  Jarek Sierpinski, Berliner who’s been raised up in Gdansk tells us a fascinating story of “Kavaliershaus“, a house getting lost and found again between the two cities, finally finding itself a home in both places. Olenka Fedyuk and Alexandra Szoke make a courageous step towards finding out about opposite sex and look for the complicated answers about men´s less pink fashion logic inside Zara´s men´s department. And last but not least – Kristin Höltge and Assen Ivanov show to all Plotki readers what is August really all about. Of couse, it’s all about Lambada!  

Have fun reading new Plotki and then – just get lost! 

Elis Aunaste, Tallinn

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