Inside the mountains

As old Fatime says: It was night, the young man took all day cross the mountain to come to the other village. He had fallen in love with a girl, of whom the name is still unrecognisable. It is said that the beauty of the girl was so pure that every man that saw her, would immediately fall for her. The young man after sweating and fighting with the sun from morning to sunset finally came to the house of the girl. He had seen her while he was hunting with his fellows in the mountain near the village of the girl. It took only one gaze and the heart of the boy was taken forever. Then he had followed her down into the village, and saw where she lived. The girl was the only female of the family; the others being her father, and his two sons.
Since that day, the young man visited the village of the girl every week, and he found out that he couldn’t manage to live without her. He had felt so attached to her beauty that he wanted to have her.

The night was frightening, and the young man was venturing around the village. He searched for the girl but he didn’t see her anywhere, so he decided that it would be better if he just visited her home, and so he did that. Crawling behind the shadows, away from the curious eyes of the villagers the boy reached near the girl’s house. He heard people shouting inside the wood house, and after some seconds the father of the girl opened the door. He came out along with another man. They were arguing.

The father said: I said it to you once, and I’ll say it again, my girl isn’t going to get married to someone like you. Keep this in mind, and forget about your silly ideas of marriage. She’s staying with me, forever.
The other young man stood there listening to the shouts coming out of the father’s harsh mouth, whilst the man who was being shouted at drifted away, hanging his head in shame.

The boy followed everything with green eyes and saw the other young man disappear into the shadows. Then a soft voice reached his ear drum, it was the voice of a goddess, a voice that could make even enchant the devil. The boy walked carefully and then he saw to whom the voice belonged, he saw the girl standing at the window singing while she looked up at the stars, up into the dark blue. The eyes of the young man were focused on the face of the girl. He tried to move a little so he could see her more clearly, but he stepped on something, and the girl heard the rustling.
“Who’s there?” She asked.

The young man came out the shadows that surrounded him. He said that he came to take her away, far away, and that he loved her with all his heart. The girl laughed and said to the young man. “Why should a girl like me, go with a poor villager like you?”
The young man tried to explain his love to her, but the girl just kept on laughing on him. Her father approached after hearing the voice of his daughter.
“With whom are you talking my dear?”
“It’s another man father. He says he loves me deeply”
“Does he?”
The young man saw the silhouette of the girl’s father appearing next to her and shivers crossed all over his body. The man had an icy look in his eyes.
“You love my daughter boy?”
He stood there without saying anything for seconds, and then he merely said an abstracted yes.
“Come inside and let’s talk about it”.
The girl opened the door, and the young man entered at her house. The house was different from all other houses he had seen before; the young man couldn’t stop looking around with sceptic thoughts.

“This way” said the girl. Her voice attracted his attention back to her as he followed her to the dinning room. There was a big table in the middle of the room, the man of the family was sitting at the head and his sons were next to him. The young man sat down with the girl. They mumbled for several minutes, and the young man tried to find the right words to explain to the girl’s father about his intentions. The father listened carefully to every single word that came out the boy’s mouth. After the boy finished saying all he had to say, the father said: “It’s time to eat; I don’t allow our guests to stay with empty stomachs. “Daughter, why don’t you go and prepare us something.”  

“You go and help her!” – He said to his son. Both brother and sister left. The boy heard the sound of another door opening and closing again. After a few minutes had passed the girl came back with her brother. Their hands were full of bread filled with meat.
The boy was encouraged to eat; he took his fork and ate a piece of meat. The taste of the meat was unlike anything he had tasted before, this was something different. He started feeling strange, and a stomach ache started to disturb him. The girl saw his reactions, and with her soft voice said that he should drink, so his insides might return to normal.

The vision of the boy was becoming blurred and he couldn’t distinguish what he was looking at, all he could see were some grey spots, for a moment he thought that he was going blind. The girl quickly gave him a glass full of a red liquid, the boy drank it. Unlike the other things he ate, this time he was able to identify the taste of the red liquid. It was blood. Shivers and sweat took control of the body of the poor boy.

An evil laugh rung in his ear and caught his attention.
“How does blood taste, eh?” Since he couldn’t see who was talking, the boy recognised the voice; it was the voice of the girl’s father. The voice had suddenly changed a lot, and it was even more frightening. Other evil laughs surrounded the dinning room.

The boy started to breathe heavily, and instinctively he tried to reach the door so he could escape but unfortunately he fell down, loosing control of his body.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in another place; he couldn’t move his hands or feet. Continuous screams were all around. He moved his head to the left and saw something that he hadn’t seen even in his worst nightmares. The girl that he loved so much had a knife in her right hand. He was in a corn field full of crucified people; one of them was the boy he’s seen arguing with the father. Crows and ravens filled the sky and their cries were so terrible that even the dead bodies on the crosses squirmed. The girl was cutting away at the leg of a boy that was crucified some steps behind him. Blood came out as leg was cut. The long brown corns were now painted red, the blood running out of that poor man was spread all over the field. Our young man saw it and he couldn’t believe his eyes, he wished that this entire thing was a dream, not a dream, a nightmare, one of those he had when he was a child. The corn field was full of crucified males, and skeletons were strewn all over.

The girl took the leg and with an axe, she cut it in pieces in front of the eyes of the crucified man. He was looking at a devil, a devil with beautiful body, with those lovely deep eyes and that voice, a voice that was still so warm but at the same so frightening. She was singing – La la la la la la – as she finished cutting off all what had remained of the leg. She carried it and gestured a kiss to the victim with her small white hand. “Bye my love” she said. Our boy felt something hot running down his nailed knees, his urine was pouring down his legs, and then down the wood that was holding him up. The girl walked near him, and laughed out loudly. “I thought you were a man. How can I marry someone who can’t hold his pee? I will see you tonight, my dear” And then she licked he’s pee-drenched legs, and as she did so he saw her tongue which was shaped like a serpents. “Don’t do it again. I can’t afford to clean you before we eat you, so please hold yourself next time” She laughed again and walked away.
“Come on daughter, we’re hungry!” It was her father calling her from the edge of the field. The boy saw her go away, and then he fainted.

So the crucifixion corn field had one more cross; another victim of that beautiful girl and her family, the family that used her to attract people for their nutrition.

The old grannies tell this story to everyone, and everyone gets scared the way they say it. On how much truth is there for us to believe, nobody knows, maybe it is something the grannies created to keep their minds, so they can always have something to discuss about that crucified corn field and the beauty of the girl that trapped the poor males. Of course there are people who believe in these stories, and there are others that don’t. But after all, this is a legend, isn’t it?!

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