Plotki is trying to become an urban legend, one of those legends that can take you in the innermost paths of the eastern fantasy by exploring its most hidden secrets through stories, gossip and rumours. After wandering around the Plotki bloc we encountered many stories related to the Plotki spirit. Some of them were incredible and others emerged from the reality of modern years.

While visiting many places in a short time Plotki was able to collect legends from various languages, cultures and societies to create a one month electronic book with legends that you may go through.

Legends from the Plotki bloc

The “monthly updated rumours” extracted from the Plotki travel diary are finally announcing the new “Legends” issue. We like to present a mixage of contemporary stuff  and old memories from passed events. Our intention is to make you curious of what we have prepared for you this month, dragging your attention with our visual and textual pieces.

Our writers, graphic designers and photographers with a developed skill of imagination invite you to take a look out the window and watch the past and present of [Chersonesos], get inside the history of a wall like a nonstop spectator [The wall – the story of a spectator], or jump in just one glimpse over Europe [The window into Europe], and you wouldn’t miss to have a random day through the mountains [Inside the Mountains]. In [King of Rats] you may discover the little world of rats in the suburbs of Berlin, while you can continue to be fascinated by Berlin’s new images [Berlin Impressions: Modern Tales] and in the end there will be no excuse for you if you don’t check the recently discovered facts on how the world would not exist anymore without the [Unknown savior of the planet].

After having gone through these legends we welcome you to stay faithful to Plotki and possibly join the network. Plotki is an open project that invites you all. Check out the Call for Contributions for our upcoming topics on the start page and send us your rumours. For more information do not hesitate to write to contact(at)plotki.net

Besard Hoxha
Plotki Online Albania

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