Editorial H.O.A.Y.

1000 years of Punk, drivers license and the right to vote at the age of 18, loosing my hair…when I’m sixty-four. This months Plotki was asking:  How old are you? (H.O.A.Y.)

We got several astonishing answers. In our new edition of Updated Rumours we would like to extend the notion of Eastern Europe and try to find out how to measure time in Australia [The sad truth about time travel]. Vid Jeraj looks back for the good old times when uncle Zlatko was still young and music records still precious [How old are you?]. Instead of a record collection, Gregory owned an old blue house in rural Romania, where he lived the last years of his live. Join him at [Aging in Oas].
Some other  – apparantly –  old houses are in fact quite new, as we may learn on a walk unter den Linden [Create History].  But when asked about age, even [Jirik the Super Hero] can get into trouble. Will he ever go to school / save the Polish nation?

Plotki was born in 2000. Plotki is in its seventh year – children of that age would be in the first grade in school. As them, Plotki is eager to learn to write. If you like to join us in our quest for rumours, write to contact(at)plotki.net .

Plotki is an open project that invites you all.

Felix Wolf

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