EFTE Warsaw

Who we are?

We are a group of people thinking and acting for ethical
consumption. We acknowledge that our choices as consumers have social,
environmental and political impact and we try to keep that in mind,
whenever possible. We are not experts but we try to learn more and more
about how we, as consumers, can act responsibly and we want to share
this knowledge with you. Whether you are choosing a new laptop, buying
eggs for breakfast or cleaning up your wardrobe, every decision you
make can bring closer the world you would like to live in. Why not give
it a try?
What we do?    
Our activities are focused on raising
public awareness of the impact of consumer choices. We run workshops
and presentations, write articles and prepare training materials.
However, what we really do best is taking consumer issues out to the
streets – Fairtrade breakfast on Plac Zbawiciela, handing out ethical
bags in Spolem, having a picnic and clothes exchange in Saska Kepa.
And, oh yes, we love to talk. Boycotting China or supporting the
Chinese, keeping Fairtrade fair or placing it on every supermarket
shelf, greening or greenwashing – we won’t give you answers but we can
talk about it for hours.

What YOU can do?

1.    Ask,
sometimes it’s enough to get you want. Ask for free range eggs in your
local shop. Ask for organic and local food when you eat out. Ask for
Fairtrade tea and coffee in your favorite café. If you never ask, how
will they know you care?
2.    Trust in nature. Sounds cheesy but
it’s worth it – choose seasonal fruit and minimize food miles.
Strawberries taste best in June, tomatoes in July. After all, you want
food and not the entire Mendeleev’s table.
3.    Get corporations
off your plate. Industrial food production is harmful to the
environment and the people. Choose slow over fast and if you can, go
vegetarian. Your animal friends will happily grow old and you’ll reduce
your carbon offset.

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