Genius loci

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 Gabó Bartha, artist and activist, began organizing her friends in response to the apparently illegal contract between the local government of the inner city’s 6th district and the offshore company that would redevelop Hunyadi square and its market hall soon after she heard about the decision. Without involving local residents, the council planned to banish the farmers from the square, and move the present indoor market in the hall to an
underground level, so they could convert the hall into something called a ‘House of Europe’. The plan also called for construction of an underground parking garage in the square, which would effectively destroy about a third of its hundred year old trees. 

While KAP-HT rallied community opposition to successfully thwart the contract for the so-called “rehabilitation of the square” last year, the fate of the covered indoor market and a part of the adjacent square used by grocery vendors remains an open question.

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