Sausages are not art. Form Follows Function In Sausage as in Art


I  see the sausage primarily as a shape, a form that can be filled with
any material or any idea. I also see them as a source of income, as I
am a sausage maker and artist both. But I think the key is not to
separate the two. We have to eat, we consume to survive. But we also
need ideas, ways too think about things. The sausage is formed in the
pigs intestine and made out of meat. Perfect I make 100 kilo’s a week
and sell it here in Budapest,  I can live, they give me money. But as
an artist, not a profession as profitable as sausage making I may add,
this throw’s up a number of questions as to what sausage is? the origin
of its form is a clue to this.  Perhaps not a subject that we care to
think about in the butchers much. But one that we might be encouraged
to think about in the art gallery. Remember the old adage “form follows
function”. Following this logic then sausage is also other, the source
of many a phallic related joke is infact turd shaped, the intestine is
the key. But not just any turd, the sausage is the perfect turd, the
perfect version of this shape, (no seepage). Laugh now you misogynistic
swine! We have all passed one at one time or another so you should no
what I am talking about. Anyway I think by now you are probably
catching my drift.A progression for humanity might be to have the
butchers shop and gallery as one. Perhaps it would put some of us off
meat, but those that stayed carnivorous would be a hell of a lot better

David Wilkinson,  Budapest August 2008

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David Wilkinson’s work is based in the iconography of the sausage as a rediscovered archetype. Also to an extent a form of autobiography, as he is involved in producing and supplying sausages in Budapest, Hungary. Another attempt to link art with life. For ‘Meeting Point’ David presents ‘The Birth of Consciousness’ a sculptural work depicting two plaster sausages in a nest of dust made from the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag at Gagosian Gallery, London . David is based in London and Budapest and has exhibited internationally, recently at Ormeau Baths, Belfast, Northern Ireland and in solo show at The Dorottya Galleria Budapest. 




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