Hunting for nostalgia

Diversity, contingency and chaos

In our contribution we focus on objects, since they are the crucial factors which constitute flea markets. The pleasure in old and used objects unites traders and customers of flea markets worldwide, while the excitement of searching and hunting them down only enhances this pleasure. As flea markets, in our view, are predominantly characterized by features like diversity, contingency and chaos, we present a more or less random and meaningless  assortment of flea market objects, whose common feature is their East European origin. Placed in the centre of our picture, these pictures lose their shabbiness and traces of time. But this is barely a superficial impression. Indeed they are exposed, but at the same time they are animated, they are given life.

Animated brainstorming

From arranging the pictures and inserting words evolves an expansible and upgradeable network of connotations which is tantamount to an animated brain storming. This effect matches one way of describing a flea market visit. The variety and quantity of objects, traders and customers challenges one’s perception while walking around the market.

With our short animation we seek to comment the topic of “flea market” in a playful way.

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