Letter from Croatia: Feminists of the New Wave, Unite

When I first heard about the Femzine, I was pretty excited, and knew that I will somehow get easily involved in this project. On the other hand, it was kind of hard to pick a subject to write about, not actually knowing the persons ‘in da crew’. There was just one brief face-to-face contact, and then a few e-mails.

Being from Croatia, being a feminist, being overworked lately chasing some dreams, having stopped being 20 something last month, and discovering in the last 9 months that I probably am a lesbian, I decided that I will just start writing, and something handy will come up (and maybe I will remember some of those 3 good topics that I had thought of, but never wrote down, so they vanished into thin air)… 

The only thing you can do is get self-organized

In Croatia, the only young feminist women that I know are the ones that finished Women Studies at Zagreb University (www.zenstud.hr/). We do not have Gender Studies in our universities, and if you wanna go through Women Studies in Croatia, you have to take for one year (almost free) classes that take place in the afternoons in a rented apartment. And after you finish them, the only thing you can do is get self-organized. I get the feeling that all good gender-sensitive actions emerged from that spring. 

I like that. But not this

And I like that. But I don’t like this: The action is always organized in some small groups who don’t seem to be very much open for collaborations. And the thing that drives me crazy is that too often when I am just about to think ‘these persons seem to have the broader picture and they seem to be tolerant’, I get proven different. 
Boundaries to tolerance always seem to exist Here are some examples: Women that attend women studies at first don’t perceive themselves as “feminists”, as that very word carries such a negative connotation in Croatian society.

After a year or so has passed, nobody has a problem with being a feminist anymore. But then a few have a problem with somebody being gay. And at the end you get to meet gay persons that have a very big issue with transgender roles and/or persons. Boundaries to tolerance always seem to exist, and I bounce off them.    C’mon, people. Where did that live-and-let-live-thing go? Where is that drive of seeing the big picture, respecting differences, and working together to spread good vibes in the neigbourhood, making an example of what can bee achieved with smart and sensitive hearts and minds?

Contributing and making the positive energy grow  in the Femzine network

All actions that emerge in good will, and I perceive the Femzine as a very positive energy well that I can contribute and take from, must spread its hands and a) put everything on the Internet, b) make more collaboration and c) grow.   And to make some kind of closure and give you something concrete, I would like to introduce www.cunterview.net, one of those actions that emerged recently. It is a portal that introduces women artists and women artistic initiatives in Croatia. Coming in English asap.

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