intr-o nopte minunata – one wonderful night

Cristina Novac sendt this tradtional Romanian folklore poem via the plotkisty mailin-list asking for a translation into English :

intr-o nopte minunata
cand te intalnesti c-o fata
sa nu-i povestesti de stele
ci s-o mangai pe mamele


in fanul de curnad cosit
cat de frumos ne-am tavalit
printre lucerna si trifoi
tu gangureai cu cracuu goi
acelasi fan curnad cosit
ne-asteapta iar inmugurit
sa urle dragostea in noi
ca o sirena de razboi

Ioana Bunescu’s answer on the plotkisty mailing-list on her queering of the poem through the English translation

Hi everybody! Here is my English adaptation of the Romanian text sent by Novac. It is quite changed for the sake of rhythm and rhyme but also the meaning is changed.The initial text does not contain any allusion to gay people and it’s entirely hetero. In the original there are no buttocks and the legs appear only in the middle part of the poem but, again, for the sake of ballance, I had to move them in the third part and attach them to buttocks. The initial shift of meaning from hetero to gay or bisexual happened somehow accidentally but then after this ‘accident’ I thought it is worth stressing it more for I believe it fits well the topic of the month. have fun!

one wonderful night
if a girl you meet
don’t admire stars’ light
but caress her tit 

in freshly mown hay
through lucerne and clover
make her moans sound gay
while you roll her over

in the roar of mating
old freshly mown hay
blossoms while awaiting
through buttocks and legs
and two burning fags

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