Thinking about a new femzine issue, we came up with the idea of  “crossing_passing” and soon realized the different thoughts each of us had, thinking about these words – crossing_passing ages, spaces, identities, bodies, borders, states, status, minds, …  – all in a context of feminism in_about_around so called eastern europe. Now, after quite some time we managed to review, to work and to upload all the different thoughts inspired by the call: here they are – enjoy and be inspired!

we came to such a pretty pass – A comic on the relation of personal with state borders.    


The Letters of Plenty – The tasty extension of the alphabet of communist Romania.


Two Seconds in Austria – Hungary – A walk through space and play with temporality and gestures.

Vaginae (Post)Sovieticae – An essay on the reappropriation of the lithuanian language and post-soviet identification with female genitals.


My Grandmother, my body, myself – A personal account on passing on from generations.


Instant soup – A photo story on definitions and letting go.


Feminist knowledge and action: the personal is political  – A book review.


 Attempts of an immaterial body to soliloquise  – A poem. 


Old womens democracy – An inquiry into solidary bonds between old women.


Panel paintings / Lotus – An artistic exploration of duality and a lyric reaction on it.


Refusing Genealogy – Thoughts on procreation, genealogy and resistance/refusal.


eye – catcher – Found footages and images crossing your imagination.


We are the good ones. 26 hours Warsaw – A critical sympathiser recalls the first gay pride in Warsaw.


Conflict cross the path of the resistance: what, can we? – A look back in anger.


We hope you will enjoy this Plotki Femzine issue! You may want to forward the rumours to interested people and possibly write a comment to our address: femzine(at)plotki.net.



Angela Weißköppel, Anika Keinz, Anna Voswinckel, Antje Höhne        




PS: If we get some proper funding then we will make a printed issue that you can enjoy.



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