Nova Europa/ Between the mirror and the past

The reality in the old continent is changing rapidly while leaving the old scars behind as if trying to heal the many wars and dictatorships that the last century collected in its history. Apart from the cultural differences that the western and eastern Europe conserved, a bigger emphasis was put to this division by the two political systems which were opponent to each other. Communism resulted a failure which in the end wasn’t able to hold itself. It affected in the mentality of work, politics and education. After its fall the only thing to be changed were the political and economical systems, but the barriers between  east and west were still fresh. EU. as an original creation, has struggled to adapt these systems with efficiency and saw its success when ten more countries, mostly former socialist states joined the EU family.

We cannot avoid the mere fact that even the SEE countries are being sucked little by little as there is no other option/future than joining the European Union. And we can’t also neglect and deny the investment this European Institutions have continuously performed in order to achieve the growth of their economies. There are several programmes that have taken place in these promising countries. Even the new way of naming this region, SEE instead of Balkans it’s a way to deliver it from its long dark past the last region of Europe to be stabilized.

Around 90 years ago the political level of Europe would play according its interest with the fates of many nations and it seems that some consciousness is growing within its attitude. If we compare the european diplomacy of the early 20th century, the fifties and now we may realise there is some digression of cynicism, more respect maturity toward the small(power) countries.

As I read in an old magazine which I carefully conserved, there was an article about Europe then and now. It summarizes the European truth by linking the past to the present and the future, which is at the heart of modern Europe. We achieve a civilized society by facing the truth of the past century and applying its lessons. And I would like to make a link of it with two sayings. Firstly if your forget the past, it might happen that you repeat the old mistakes, and the second is that when a person has lied in all his life, he starts believing his own lies. Europe needs to face the truth and not fall victim of old desires.

And I believe that the new generation, the one who didn’t taste communism or dictatorship, who didn’t experience wars based on ethnicity or religion. A generation that was not grown in monoethnic or monoreligious society but had the opportunity to smell the colourful flowers of diversity that generation is the miniature of a future Europe. The concept of a United Europe was conceived since the end of WW2, but this unity remains in incompletion, as we are still waiting for the realisation of its aims.

European Union has been working hard to create a modern european citizenship which won’t threaten the national identity but it will weaken the spirit of nationalism and ethnocentrism.
A European identity will create less space for hatred and divisions between the people of this old fashionable continent…or will it? We’ll see…

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