Europe without frontiers – an utopia or a fact, the freedom of movement
for people and goods is meant to be made easier and accessible for all citizens of the continent. But are these only polished political statements, or is it the reality we are living in? Many of us doubt about the noble intentions of the EU and it’s recent and future enlargement, others defend it fervently.

The new Plotki issue presents some viewpoints on the 2-nd phase of the EU enlargement (Romania and Bulgaria); opinions you wouldn’t see in your daily newspaper; questions, revealing aspects of this process, often overshadowed by the big news agencies’ press releases; statements by citizens of the future member states – mostly left unheard in the international press.

Enjoy the time between the utopia of the web and the reality in your  backyard (or  may be vice-versa in the case with this issue), and cross all  physical or mental frontiers together with us.

Plotki is a project from around the bloc. We are open for new people and ideas. Plotki invites you all. Contact us at contact(at)plotki.net

Simina Guga (Bucharest) & Assen Ivanov (Amsterdam/Brussels)

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