The trace of ‘Heimatgefühl’ – Bulgaria
Pepa Hristova

“I live since seven years in Germany, but it is still exciting for me to perceive my home country Bulgaria and to discover every time anew what were my reason for leaving. I want to explore what touches me in my country and how my personal perspective changed over the years. Very important in this context are the particularities of the country like for example colours and smells, but especially the people and my relationship to them.”

To live in the center of Europe – beyond the EU
Spirits from Belgrade and Sarajevo
Sanna Miericke

“Before the wars Belgrade and Sarajevo were cosmopolitan, pulsate and modern cities between East and West, bridges between Europe and Asia. How do these capitals of South-Eastern Europe – for which the accession to the European Union is still in a distant future – look like today? We all have our image of the Balkan stamped by the war and the media.
With my personal and intuitive view I want to face life, the moods, the traces of the past and the signs of the present in these two cities. With my portraits I want to show the attitude towards life and everyday life. Which future perspectives do the people have? How do they sense their life in the center of Europe – beyond the EU?”

Meetings in Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine
Irina Ruppert

The Carpathian Mountains are in the center of Europe. They are mystified with legends about smugglers, Dracula and wolfs. They are also the region of many German settlers. After the end of the communist regime Germany offered the German settlers the return to their country. Mostly German from Siberia and Central-Asia used this opportunity, but the German in the Carpathians stayed. The feeling of togetherness and the usage of the German language seemed to retain their identity.
The aim of my work is the photographic comparison between Carpathian Germans and my background as a Russlanddeutsche whose family returned to Germany.

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