EU and YOU

Why should your country also join the European Union?
… imagine … a borderless Union ….

Interviews and photos by
Friederike Appel and Katharina Langenbeck, Berlin

Tieu Gia Kinh, China
<For China’s economy it would be better to join the EU. Furthermore my talent as a cook is higher recognized in the EU.>

Ali Reza, Kurde
<It would be an advantage for the Kurdish people if Turkey would join the EU. The Turkish government would be forced to ensure democratic principles and civil rights. That would strengthen the position of the Kurdish people.>

Shahnawaz Ahmad, India
<India would have economic advantages and the freedom of the movement would be guaranteed.>

Omar Elmahdi, Sudan
<Twenty years ago I wrote an article in which I stated that there will be a European Union. But back then, nobody wanted to hear about it. I wish that one day everybody will be a world citizen. A union would help to reduce regional conflicts.>

Pablo Calderón, Bolivia
<Bolivia should join the EU to make a better exchange of knowledge and technology possible. Skills instead of corruption!>

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