A Shoe and Death


“I bet I can tell you where you got your shoe…”

Who? You? You knew where I got my shoe?

I knew and now I know. Want to bet? Yes or no?

So. You know? I don’t think so.

I know. And I think you follow. So let’s go.

You can name the town, country market or shop?

Lets not get specific, I can name the lot.

You’ve lost the plot. So why not?

Does 20 sound fair cop?

It’s a lot. But I’ll win, so it’s more than enough?

It’s not so tough.

You’ll need good luck.

Will I fuck……………….. :   

You got your shoes on your feet.



Is that supposed to be clever.

No. It’s just the truth, so give me 20 fella.

I shouldn’t have wasted my breath.

Oi. Give me 20. Are you deaf?

I’ll start hearing again once you’ve left.

Give me 20. Otherwise its theft.

I’d leave now, before we talk ‘bout your death.

Death? It was only a joke about your shoe.

It was more than I joke. I know people like you.

People like who?

I’ll kill you. It’s true.

!Hey! What you doing? Why are you taking off your shoe?

Because it’s with my shoe, that I’ll kill you.

What you? You’ll kill me with your shoe.

I’ll kill you with me shoe. It’s true.

(dsfjklksdjfkldjklfjsdklfjklsdfjklsdfjl… oooo)

And so that will teach you…..  Never mess with a man and his shoe.



Pictures: Mark Parkinson

Words: sinisterpenguin


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