Kultur Shock isn’t just the name of our band. It’s Balkan punk rock gypsy metal wedding-meets-riot music from Bulgaria, the US, Japan, and Bosnia. Six members, and no two of us really speak the same language. You may wonder what brought such an unrelated, mixed-up group of people together, and you can read our biographies to find out. Call our music whatever the fuck you want — we’ll still play every song of every performance as if it were our last.

Right now we are stuck between two worlds. One we left — that of our homelands — but we did not become a part of the other world, the hip rockstar world. We had to work for our living like all the other immigrants, and working means sweat, sweat means stinky — NOT cool. What we’ve worked so hard to build over these ten years is this monster we play on stage. And we dare you to try and stop us, because we’re not going to stop ourselves.

It took us ten years to mature so that we could enjoy who we are and what we are doing, to realize that we don’t have anything to lose if we offend, and to learn to just do what we are doing without feeling like we have to apologize for it. Along with us, the new generations of immigrants are overwhelming the streets of the “developed” world. They are persecuted by the right, which hopes to explain its own poverty; and they are totally neglected by the left, because again: work, sweat — not cool, doesn’t get you laid. This is the class war, the only natural kind of war. Every other kind is an artifice of the system.

Anyway, we have a lot of fun.


Listen and enjoy:


Picture: ‘For the Deaf at Heart’ by Aleksandra Dedic

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