Miss World 2006 in Warsaw: Beauty with a purpose

Beauty is a wide theme, the human being is longing for beauty in primitive and complex ways. Since the birth we decide what is attractive for us. Is beauty only a coincidence? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is firstly something subjective, but this answer would be too easy. There is a scheme of what is an accepted kind of beauty, what lies biological inside of us and what is influenced by media and environment.

Definition of Beauty

At the moment there is the “Miss World” contest in Poland. The Misses out of 102 countries are guests; they have to take part in some competitions: Miss Beachwear, Miss Talent, Miss Beauty with a purpose, Miss Sport and the Final. Miss Wales (and also Miss Sport) from 2004 had a definition of beauty: “Beauty can take many forms and be judged in so many ways: the way you look, how you behave, how you perform. But true beauty can only be a combination of these things – that’s what makes a real Miss World.”

A question of talent?

It is just the question why we need such a Miss World. Is she really a representative of the Beauty in the World? Last year Miss American Virgin Islands won the talent competition with her tearing version of ‘I will always love you’. This year you could watch the Miss Talent in polish television. Miss Northern Ireland won with a performance of an Irish tune. Other Misses showed traditional dances, instrumental performances and things like that. Most of the young women are students who often study serious things like law, economics or medicine; just some of them are working as models professionally or have other jobs.

Miss World from last year did not stop studying

Miss World 2006 did not stop studying. The Miss from Iceland wrote in her official diary that she used the times in trains and aeroplanes to learn. She travelled a lot for acting as a representative for meeting sponsors, visiting hospitals for children and helping at a campaign for road safety – being Miss World seems a good chance for getting around. It could only be disturbing that Miss World mostly has to wear a crown and a sash to show who she is. But it seems like people would listen to the Miss, and not only watching at her.

Miss World as a product of other people’s imagination

But what message could she give to us? Beauty is worth itself? People pay up to 2000 Euro just to take part in the final. It is glamour. Miss World connects the people from all over the world, it is not important how they look like – they only have to be beautiful. But who would expect there a woman who weights 75 kilogram, is older than 25, lispers and has yellow teeth? On the other hand, the pictures of the Misses at the official homepage are not always good; some of them seem even cheap and don’t make honour. It is good to know that there is no need to look perfect to become a Miss. Miss World’s World, the people who elected her to reign, may come from everywhere, but they need to have an internet access and have taste within the rules of the Miss World Foundation.
The women are nice, they care for ill children and have fun with people from other countries and least it is a little adventure for them and for their self confidence. Of course next to this it is a mainstream event for making money and it fixes a conservative women picture: The existence of a beachwear and a sport competition make clear that beauty from outside are standing on top, not the inner beauty.

Mister World should have a fable for elephants and models will be allowed to eat

In my opinion it is a real embarrassment to take part as a man in the Mister World competition, which will be at the end of the year in China. One of the manly disciplines is to pull an elephant. This cannot be beautiful; this is just unkind towards elephants.
At the moment there is a dialogue about skinny models, they may have to be ill to fit into the clothes. It is a strange job – usually people work to afford eating, but models have to stop eating for earning money. In a show in Madrid some of them were forbidden to work because they were too thin. Being a model beauty is not a coincidence; they have to fit into the clothes and the common taste of the designers.

Maybe a purpose

But back to the Misses and their beauty: There are a lot of beautiful people in the world, but to become a Miss World they have to be at the right place at the right time. The Miss Competition may make people interested in Poland and bring some money – so the beauty has got a purpose in more than one way.

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