People believe in different sources of coincidence. They say things just happen or, that we have the power to make them happen. There is also an act of God taken into consideration. So maybe everything is the coincidence or nothing happens by coincidence or some things do, just from time to time.
We can experience it, feel and also try to understand. We believe that everything will be alright or we want to know why this or that took place in particular moment, as in the song  “why me, why now?”. It means that we find ourselves in coincidence trustingly or intellectually. What is more, I suppose, all of us mix these kinds of thinking and feeling and it depends of type of experience that took place.

Coincidences can evoke satisfaction, surprise, disbelief, fear, opposition; great happiness, huge sorrow… Psychologists know the rule that if something positive takes place, we attribute it as our own achievement, but if things go wrong it is always other’s fault. So the sorrow can be treated as an injustice, something what is inconceivable and beyond our capability of understanding. But it can also be seemed as a challenge – for our strength and creativeness in our life. We find the power we’ve never expect to find. We behave courageously just because we have to. On the other hand there is happiness. I suppose it usually changes itself into obviousness. We start to believe something wonderful happened because we deserve it and it couldn’t go on different way. And maybe that’s true.

I think there are no coincidences. We get what we are ready to admit, receive to our lives. I don’t know when is that. When we are adult enough, smart and experienced or something else enough maybe… There is no coincidence.
Let’s take it other way. It doesn’t matter what happens – who you meet, how much you earn, what family you join, what tell you others. You should learn, it is you, who create your world. It’s always your game, your labyrinth, no matter what.  You are the master, the heroine or the hero of your destiny. It is you who decide if you’re trying to find the way or not.

It’s you, who takes the situation that happens as it is and tries to make it how you would like it to be. And if you really know, what you want from your existence, you catch proper experiences and put them to your puzzle. You create. And look. And check. Do you like it, want it, do you feel the desire for life that you’ve made. And suddenly you start to meet people who are similar or inspiring for you.
It is inside you, what you are capable of creating, not the outer things that world can give to you. There are things that happen, because they happen always, the difference is that now when you’re ready, you know how to make them come to fruition. You can spot what’s important and do wonders. If you know, if you really know that you decide, you will find the way.

So, We met again. By chance.
To what for we met again, I would like to know.

Me And You.

Dances, jokes, you try to make me feel more interested in you.
You boast.
The mix of arrogance and tact. You’re truly sexy.
I could also feel the respect.

But there is no further history.
She learnt something new
Their meeting there…
it was just a coincidence.

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