A matter of fortuity or…

Coincidence is not just fortuity after all. Sometimes coincidence has a meaning as to express something. For example every one of us has seen dreams, and one day they have realized the dream happening. I’m not talking about the dream to become someone in life, but dreams when you see a person in a certain place, and then after some days you see it in real life.  Can we call this coincidence? We can, and we cannot. Why? Simple, I think that even the coincidence has a way of working with the people. Maybe the coincidence is divine. Ok, don’t get freaky with this, because while you’re reading this, you may say what the hell I’m saying.

We externalize our fortuitousness through fate and unexplained purposes. But referring to the continuance of the situation after a coincidence, it makes you think it was an accidental happening that puts you in another line. Without fore thinking for it or projecting without readiness.

I believe there is a coincidence for bad things, and a coincidence for the good things we can percept. Sometime it is like a 6-th sense to us, we can feel it, we know that something is going to happen, and when this happens, we ignore it by saying “It was coincidence”.  I would suppose that this concept is more an unconscious segment in our everyday life that brings us to an unintentional control of some of our coincidences. But not always. We are guided by instincts that make these coincidences happen. In Arabic it could be defined with the word Makutb,  it means that every coincidence or fortuity is already decided before in a supernatural aspect.

P.S: I wonder why the UFO’s always visit the U.S. or Russia and not Albania. Is it casually or we are too small for them?



Text and Photos by Erenik Beqiri

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